Navision Developer's Toolkit (NDT) does not work

EugeneEugene Member Posts: 309
it does not work with a new licence i've just recieved ](*,)
though it was working ok with an older one.

What are the requirements of the NDT v1.04 to work properly ?


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    jmjm Member Posts: 156
    Hi Eugene,

    What does not work?
    What errors do you get?
    Do you use NDT as client to a local database or
    do you have a Navision server for the NDT?
    Why don't you use NDT version 2.0 SP1?
    What version of object do you want to import?

    Maybe the answers may help us to help you.

    Josef Metz
    Josef Metz
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    EugeneEugene Member Posts: 309
    I have NAV v3.70 installed and i use NDT locally (no server)
    what i have done was :
    1) stopped running NDT
    2) in the NDT directory i have overwritten old fin.flf with a new one
    3) tried to start NDT again

    I get the message: "You do not have permission to work with NDT"

    And i can't install NDT v2.00 SP1 because i run on Navision v3.70

    I think the problem is as follows:

    even though new licence has the granule for
    the Navision Developer's Toolkit (Source Analyzer)
    it does not contain the granule for the Navision Developer's Toolkit (Compare&Merge).

    Can i still use the NDT ?

    An older licence simply read:
    99,003,602 Developer Toolkit object (99,003,600-99,003,7 1

    And the newer one reads:
    99,003,620 Developers Toolkit - Source Analyzer 1
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    jmjm Member Posts: 156
    it sound that your problem is the new licence.

    i do never heard from the granule 99,003,602 or 99,003,620

    the only granules i know are (Country Code DE AND W1):
    99,003,640 Navision Developers Toolkit - Source Analyzer
    99,003,650 Navision Developers Toolkit - Compare & Merge
    99,003,790 Developers Toolkit - End User

    I do not know the person/organisation from where you got your licence, but you have to contact them to get a correct licence.

    Josef MEtz
    Josef Metz
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