How to fill page field dynamically?

Yabu13Yabu13 Member Posts: 12
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Hi guys,

I want to select GeneralJournalBatch.Name on a Page. After I select and validate this, I want that another field for the Journal Template Name should be filled automatically.

How can I do this?

I have tried this one in the OnValidate() of the Batch Name field name:
IF BatchNameField <> '' THEN
   FieldJournalTemplateName := GeneralJournalBatch."Journal Template Name";


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    mntmnt Member Posts: 1
    try VALIDATE(FieldJournalTemplateName,GeneralJournalBatch."Journal Template Name");
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    Yabu13Yabu13 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks. I have found another solution.
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    archer89archer89 Member Posts: 337
    please describe that solution.
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