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Presenting my query on a case below:
I have Global dimension 1 Code as "Product Segment Code" whose dimension values are as for ex: X,Y, Z, also I have a Customer A which deals with me regarding every products. Invoicing for different product segments is done separately even if it is for the same customer.
I have the following transactions with A
• Sales of Rs. 50000 of product X
• Sales of Rs. 30000 of Product Y
• Sales of Rs 20000 of Product Z
The customer pays me Rs. 20000 for Product Z, and the payment method for Customer A has been set to Apply to oldest. In the Cash receipt Journal line, I select the Product segment code as Z without going ahead in Apply Entries action. But when running the ageing report Rs. 20000 is seen to applied to Product X even if we have chosen Product Z on Journal line. As customer is set at Apply to oldest it applies to the customer oldest Invoice.
So, I need a solution over the above problem, how could I make the payment apply on the particular product segment selected(oldest) on journal line entered not the customer oldest Invoice irrespective of all the product segments.

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