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Hi there,
I'm freaking out with a problem that I haven't solved yet. :'(:'(

It turns out that I'm filtering the table File (virtual table) with 'X:\SHAREDFOLDER\' (it's a shared folder) but unluckily the table isn't able to load any record (I mean the folders and files of that shared folder). On the other hand, if I try to do it with 'C:\MYLOCALFOLDER\' works perfectly.

I've checked the properties of the user and has total access in that shared folder. My version is NAV 2016 and the service DynamicsNav90 is start by NETHWORK SERVICE.

Could it be that virtual file table crashed with shared folders??Or...??

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    GonzaloGonzalo Member Posts: 19
    Thanks SiverX!!!
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    GonzaloGonzalo Member Posts: 19
    SilverX, I changed to .NET and when I do the GetDirectories, i received this error: A call to System.IO.DirectoryInfo.GetDirectories failed with this message: Access to the path \\\name\ is denied.
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    Ok, then you have to grant access to the path (share and security) to network service. Make sure you use names (full qualified domain names) to allow Kerberos.

    Better to use a dedicated domain user.

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