Printer when Navision is calling word for merging of letters

Michael_SandauMichael_Sandau Member Posts: 2
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We have a problem when Navision is calling Word for merging of letters. We have no report in Navision because we write the specific document trough Word.
The problem is, that we can’t change default printer for the document. We have done it the normal way in setup, - printer and we have modified to point to the correct printer.
Why does Navision/Word ignore the printer we chose and selects another?

Any ideas ?



  • IsitarIsitar Member Posts: 29
    We have the same problem. Any solution?
    Greetings from Switzerland
  • TvisTvis Member Posts: 70
    NAV is using the default printer that is setup on the machine merging the letters.

    A standard workaround would be to log the segment and setup the printer you want to print your Hard copies to as default printer (small tip: Choose Correspondance Type blank and check Ignore Contact Corres. Type). Then go to the logged segment and "Resend" it and choose Hard Copy. It should now use the default printer on the client machine.
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