Recurring Job Queue Entry, easy question

jwilderjwilder Member Posts: 263
I simply want to set up a recurring job queue that runs every 5 minutes starting at the top of the hour. The job takes 2 seconds to run.

Under the recurrence tab I have each day clicked off. I have tried a few different combinations with the "Starting Time" and "No. of Minutes between Runs" and can get it to run every 5 minutes sometimes but other times is does not. For example it ran at 1:43 PM, 1:45 PM, 1:52 PM, 1:53 PM.

Currently I have Starting Time = 12:00:00 AM and "No. of Minutes between Runs" = 5. What am I doing wrong in my setup?


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    parmparm Member Posts: 49
    I think you are missing the point clicking off each day.
    You should have a recurring task with some active days.
    Your "Starting Time" and "No. of minutes between Runs" are ok.
    You should also configure "Ending Time" (even if range is from 00:00 till 23:59).

    You can perform some debug looking at "Earliest Start Date/Time" field.
    When the task start, it will write when the task should start again.

    Regards and good luck,

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