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MathanMathan Member Posts: 55
Hello Professionals....!

I'm a novice here trying to learn Nav... I was going through generic charts in Nav 2016. And i figured out how to create a new generic Chart in RTC using "Generic Chart Setup (9183)"... And i figured out how to customize the RTC to bring up the Charts inside the FactBox in the Home page. Since only i would be able to see the customization made in RTC.

What i am trying to do is, i want to create a chart via the development environment and make it appear in the RTC, so that every user can see the chart in the FactBox. As of now, I am looking into "Order Processor Role Center (9006)" and trying to add a chartPart and it is coming out unsuccessful with an empty chart.

I would be much obliged if anyone would be so kind enough to throw in some light and Enlighten me on where i am going wrong..

Thanks in Advance :smile: ...!


  • arvitisarvitis Member Posts: 2
    Hi Mathan,

    i am trying to do the same thing here..Did you manage to do it?
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