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Hi All,
We are trying to upgrade a NAVISION 3.56 (DOS) to NAV2009, so it will be running stable on Server 2008/2012.
NAV2009 is able to process the backup, nice. Strange thing is, it is only restoring Tables + Data, into the 50000 object range. Problem is, it is only restoring Tables, not other object. (We are sure we are using a full backup)
It should be possible to restore Forms (windows) Reports an Code (functions).
Does anybody remember how to backup and restore objects from the DOS version. Tried to figure out myself, but the only version available is Danish, so that is not helping either.

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    Benno67Benno67 Member Posts: 39
    Hi Jens,
    Thanks, we are first going to try Server 2000 option (when acceptable for network people). If not, 2.60 and a lot of work.
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