SQL data types represented in MS NAV

p_kaleginp_kalegin Member Posts: 1
Hello, i'm using Nav 2016, so i try to get data from other sql data base by using table (prop. external SQL), it's look good, but i've got some conflict:
1. i can't represent column with datatype smalling in MS Nav
2. i can't represent column with datatype nvarchar(max) in MS Nav (there's the limint in 250 char.)
As i understood, there are no data types, which are corresponded with this sql data type
So, can You help me, how i can solve this problems or should i use other mechanism to get data ?

Thank for your responses,


  • Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    I went around doing this via a View on an extra viewDB.
    However i only encountered the problem with smallint which you can map into normal Int without a problem.

    nchar(max) is a whole other problem.
    Maybe you can get around it using a blob.

    Would love to read your solution to this, if you come up with one.

    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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