Upgrade error NAV2013R2 Step2 TransferData - Invalid object name '<companyname>$upgrade355_DimSetID'

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Hi guys,

I am running a test upgrade from NAV2009R2 to NAV2016
I have taken the path to upgrade to NAV2013R2 first then to NAV2016.

An error received when running the Upgrade new version > Transfer Data step in NAV2013R2.

"A call to System.Data.SqlClient.SqlDataAdapter.Fill failed with this message: Invalid object name '<Companyname>$upgrade355_DimSetID"

It was referring to the intermediate table created during the upgrade step.
it basically reached the first dimension upgrade table "Ledger Entry Dimension" and failed during the UpdateDimSetIdInWorkTable() function

to be specific, failed at the line of code:

SQLDataAdapter.Fill(SystemDataTable); //executes query + fills DataTable

Where should I go from here?

Could it be any SQL permission issue? As the client is very strict on what permission we can have. I am running the upgrade under an account with db_owner role of the database we are upgrading.

Thanks for your help.

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