NAV 2016 CRM Connector - Multi-Currency

I have a demo system set up with LCY of GBP. If I process an order in CRM for another currency, USD say, then I get an error when trying to convert the CRM order into a NAV order.

Code unit 5343 CRM Sales Order to Sales Order has the following code -

LOCAL ValidateCRMTransactionCurrencyIsLCY(TransactionCurrencyId : GUID)
IF CRMTransactioncurrency.ISOCurrencyCode <> GeneralLedgerSetup."LCY Code" THEN
ERROR(WrongCurrencyErr,CannotCreateSalesOrderInNAVTxt,CRMTransactioncurrency.ISOCurrencyCode,GeneralLedgerSetup."LCY Code");

Surely, I'm just missing something obvious and NAV 2016 & CRM supports creating orders in CRM in a currency different from NAV's LCY?!?
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