Reservation entry still remains even after the sales order is posted fully

dipanwita_cdipanwita_c Member Posts: 11
Hi folks !

I am facing a strange issue with a client of mine. When the user tries to assign a particular lot no. to a sales order, she finds that the lot no. is having reserved quantity 5, making the available quantity 0, hence she is not able to assign that lot. On drilling down to the reserved quantity, we found that it is holding reference to a certain sales order that has been fully posted and invoiced, i.e., already deleted from the sales order list. On checking the Item Ledger Entries against that lot, we found that this lot is having a remaining of 5 quantities still left. But, because of this reservation, the item tracking shows the available quantity to be 0. Can anybody give an idea on how this happens ? Or, how to overcome it?

NAV version: 2013
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