NAV 2016 to Dynamics CRM integration with custom fields - SOLVED

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Hi All,

I've just been looking at the NAV-CRM integration options in NAV 2016 and have stumbled on a problem and I can't figure out where I've gone wrong. I thought I try and add a new field to the CRM quote entity and see if I can get it to appear in NAV.

For the moment I've tried adding a text field to the quote in Dynamics CRM (eventually I want to use a look up but thought would keep it simple to start with) - this works as expected, I've added it to the quote form in CRM and can see and update the field, I can even see it in the quote view in the SQL database.

My problem comes when I try and add this to NAV - I've added a new field to Table 5351 - CRM Quote, I've set the ExternalName property on that field to be the new field name from CRM, when I run the table though my new field remains empty rather than showing the contents of the field from CRM.

As I understand it the new CRM table type uses the a web service to return the query from the CRM table so I can't understand why the field would be blank - the rest of the fields from the table are fine and show correctly, so it can't be a problem with the web service?

Any help would be appreciated


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