Scheduling Application for NAV (2016)

We are a group of Cemeteries and Funeral Centres. We have around 15 locations across Toronto, Canada.
We are looking for a scheduling application which:
A ) Must integrate with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016
B ) Must support around 120 staff members across 15 locations (around 1-2 master planners and 6-8 users/viewers per site)
C ) The application must provide the ability to schedule and track three main types of resources at each site. Schedules of each site should be viewable by other sites
1- Room scheduling – Meeting rooms, Visitation rooms etc. (overall around 50 rooms, 3-4 per site)
2- Vehicle scheduling – Coach, Van etc. (overall around 50 vehicles, 3-4 per site)
3- Staff scheduling – drivers, staff members, Funeral Directors, Assistants, etc. (should have scheduling capability for the whole year if possible so that people can book their planned leaves and future schedule in advance)

Please let us know if you know any good application. My email address is [email protected] and phone # 647-226-7322. Thank you for your time.

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