HELP: Changed the ID of a default object

InregoInrego Member Posts: 9
I changed the ID of report 206 to 50001. I exported the object right before, and wanted to re-import it (effectively copying 206 to 50001). But to my regret, I see that I am unable to import the 206 object. Neither am I able to change 50001 back to 206. So now I don't have report 206! :(

How do I restore this report 206?

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    InregoInrego Member Posts: 9
    It was customized, but it was not a problem. The .fob file I took from another NAV installation was just to be able to "recreate" report 206. Then I imported the .txt which had all my customizations.

    Agreed, if it was a table it would've been a different story. But then I def. wouldn't have recklessly renamed an object like that :smiley:
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