Finished Production do not post to FGD account

When production finished, I get zero amount in my FGD account or not the complete amount added in WIP. I think I have wrong set-up with my gen. producting posting. But which one triggers FGD entry?

For example, i have the below value entry:

Cost Amt. Actual
Consumption Direct Cost -75,392.64
Consumption Direct Cost -1,104.56
Consumption Direct Cost -715.39
Output Direct Cost 0

Here becomes the GL entry.

149000 Work in Process -75,392.64
149000 Work in Process 75,392.64
141000 Raw Materials Doughnut -1,104.56
149000 Work in Process 1,104.56
141000 Raw Materials -715.39
149000 Work in Process 715.39

My WIP is not being deducted, and nothing is added in mg FGD inventory in amounts, but have Output item ledger entry.

I hope someone could help me. And above info is enough. Thank you.


  • dwiserdwiser Seattle, WAMember Posts: 4
    The initial debit to finished good and credit from WIP will be based on the unit cost of the item being produced. If that unit cost is zero, nothing will be posted when you just output the inventory. The clearing of WIP and final adjustment of the output inventory will be made when you "Finish" the production order. That is the indicator to NAV that the production order is complete and it can calculate the final inventory value, clear WIP, and calculate any production variances (if using standard costing).
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