2016 Javasscript Addin slow transfer from Tier to Client.

ShanePShaneP Member Posts: 1
Hi Everyone,

Long time listener, first time caller :)

Has anyone experienced lag when a javascript control add-in is transferred from the service tier to the RTC?

I have an issue on some machines that when a page with the control add-in is loaded it takes awhile for the control to be downloaded to the client machine (Normally to : %AppData%\Local\Temp\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\[Number]\[Number]). The zip file is 138kb, the issue is that this sometimes takes up to a minute. Is it a network issue? Also it doesn't look like the services tier checks that the control has been downloaded, as I experience this lag every time the page is loaded (within the same session).

I have monitored the directory to see if it is lag on the control side, but once the control is downloaded, the page loads quickly.

I do embed JQuery, and JQuery UI minified, and these are quite large when extracted. Should I rather use googles CDN for this? (And what about machines that do not have access to CDN).

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.


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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174
    Hi Shane,

    As you state that is an issue on some machines, could the delay be caused by a virus scanner or MS Security Client scan?
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