Running Dynamics NAV 2015 on Mac and Parallel desktop

Schollin_01Schollin_01 Member Posts: 14

our customer runs Dyn NAV 2015 on Mac Machines, with the program Parallel Deskshop for windows. Now when they try to Preview reports in Dyn NAV, som of the content is not shown.

The problem only occurs when they look at the report in Preview mode. When they print the report it works. Is it resonable to think that this problem is related to Parallel Desktop?

When I run at the reports from my machine (Win. suface pro 3), everthing works fine.

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Karin Schollin


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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174
    sounds reasonable, yes.
    The truth exists in seven versions.
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    kaspermoerchkaspermoerch Member Posts: 43
    Does the problem occur for both settings of PreviewMode (Normal/PrintLayout) in Report Properties?
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