Problems with Stylesheets in NAV2016 and NAV2013

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Hi All,

I have a strange issue going on with stylesheets at a client site. They are on NAV2013 and currently upgrading to 2016. However we found this issue in 2013 by testing in 2016.

I have 3 users. 2 of them are super users and one of them is a regular user. All have the "All" and "Basic" role that include the permissions for the tables 2000000065 to 2000000069 (both table and tabledata).

For one superuser exporting to excel (ctrl+e) works fine, but the other superuser gets the error "There is no default stylesheet for the program you are exporting to." For the one regular user it does not throw an error but opens a blank excel sheet only, although he does have access to the table and related tables he is exporting to excel. All other users with the same roles and permissions as this regular user do not report issues with exporting to excel. So I concluded that it is really specific to their user accounts.

Has anyone seen this before who could point me into the right direction?

Thanks in advance,

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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174

    Have seen problems with exporting to excel files to temp folders but not with the ctrl+e type...

    Perhaps this is machine (=Office installation/firewall) or user (windows permissions) dependant ?
    You could test this by doing a RunAs ...

    Good luck
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