Upgrading from NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2016, problem Syncing Schema

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Here is what I have done so far (very much summarized)
• Converted Database to NAV 2013 no problems (takes a while due to Unicode conversion, 7 hours)
• Converted Database to NAV 2015 no problems.
• Tried Syncing Schema in NAV 2015 but do not believe it will work without compiled objects. Remember that at this point there are no objects except for tables in the database.
• So continued on and converted database to NAV 2016 no problem.
• Imported NAV 2016 objects (including add-ons and our customizations)
• Compiled everything using Later option (still a few objects do not compile since not 100% done with code upgrade)
• Attempted to Sync Schema For All Tables from Dev environment but errors after about 10 seconds. Run Sync-NAVTenant DynamicsNAV90-3 –Mode CheckOnly and fills the screen with so many errors that they don’t all fit in the Admin Shell screen. I expect these errors since many fields are being dropped.
Tried running Sync-NAVTenant DynamicsNAV90-3 –Mode Force and it runs for a minute but then errors: The following SQL Error was unexpected: Invalid object name ‘SWKTestUpgrade2016.dbo.SWKtest2016$Property Store’.
• Deleted this table from SQL as it is old andnot used anymore (I believe), restarted service tier to clear cache, reran sync (force) and get the same error.

Any thoughts on how to get past this?

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