Success with mobility for MS Dynamics

If you’ve already decided that going mobile is the right path to take for your company, then this article will help you avoid some of the typical implementation pit falls that can stop the project before it gets fully implemented, or stop it because the process of keeping it alive is difficult and expensive. It does not matter if you are implementing a mobile solution for your sales people, for the staff in the warehouse, or for some other area in your company. The generic problems facing any mobile solution are the same:
  • Getting the mobile software installed and updated with new releases
  • Keeping up with new releases of Dynamics NAV
  • Supporting the end users effectively
  • Problems with the network
  • Getting the users on board

This article will explore these problems and tell you how to address them. Read the article here!
Hanna Gudmundsdottir
Marketing Manager
Tasklet Factory
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