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Actually I have a doubt if i upgrade NAV 2009 R2 to NAV 2013 R2. suppose that one standard field in nav 2009 and that field store some data and that standard field delete in NAV 2013 R2 and no any other field available for reference how can move that data to Navision 2013 R2.


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    RockWithNAVRockWithNAV Member Posts: 1,139

    Hey Smishra,

    It seems to be a Standard base to base change so I dont think you need to map the data instead you need to find out how that feature/functionality has been mapped in the new version and then you have to map with that accordingly.
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    postsauravpostsaurav Member Posts: 708
    Hi @smishra ,

    Just to add what RockWithNAV Suggested - Any change in system design (tables), data is taken care by Microsoft upgrade toolkit. That is the logic which is written inside upgrade toolkit.

    Just for example - Dimension have moved from multiple tables to single table called dimension set entries. This all is done automatically by Microsoft upgrade toolkit which moves / delete / change the data as per new application design.

    So if its a Microsoft field no need to worry. If its a 5K Fields this will move data to same field if the field exist in target version during data migration.

    And Last if its a vertical / addon field then, every addon will release a seprate upgrade toolkit to handle to changes in data.

    Let us know if any dobuts.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Dhyani

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    smishrasmishra Member Posts: 28
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