Questions about using the AMC bank data conversion service

I am trying to better understand the benefits of this service in a UK NAV system over say using the existing standard functionality to export a BACS file and writing a customisation to import the bank statement.

Firstly - when I try to register, the only currencies displayed in the registration process are USD, DKK and EUR.
If I am unable to select GBP here - does this present any limitations to using this service for a UK bank - or is this just the only currencies that they accept for payment for the service itself?

So far I can see that there is a benefit to being able to import a bank statement - having said that I am having trouble locating test files for the Cronus company that I can use with the demouser login.
If anyone can direct me to a test file I would very much appreciate it.

What else am I missing here in terms of understanding the value that this service provides?
Say I have 10 bank accounts that I am perfectly able to generate BACS files for free-of-charge within standard NAV functionality - and the only other benefit is the import of the bank statement.
Is it just a cost comparison at this stage of the cost of a customisation to import the bank statement vs. the ongoing cost of 20 EUR a month per bank?

Any feedback is appreciated as I can't seem to find a lot of feedback from UK users who are using this service.
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