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gtrgtr Member Posts: 131

I successfully programmed FTP up- and download but now I need to move a file on FTP to another directory.
But the FTP methods RNFR and RNTO seem not to be valid .net commands
I get the following message (in french) :
Un appel à System.Net.FtpWebRequest.Method a échoué avec le message :
Cette méthode n'est pas pris en charge
Nom du paramètre : value

In english : a call to System.Net.FtpWebRequest.Method has failed with the message :
This method is not valid
Name of parameter : value

Does anybody have a solution to moive a file on FTP ?
Thanks !


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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174

    FtpWebRequest.Method does not support 'move'.

    I would upload to the new directory and next delete from the old directory.

    Good luck/Bonne chance :)
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