Having a problem with Node Name "Description" on Import only XMLport

Hi all,
I'm running NAV 2013 R2, and I'm creating an XMLport to bring in from EDI data in XML format.
The XML file has a header portion and a lines portion.
On the lines portion, one of the nodes i called "Description" - I have a node with the very same name, but when I run the XMLport, I get an error saying "Imported XML cannot validate with the schema: The element 'Line' has invalid child element 'Description'."
I'm stumped. I tried putting '' and "" around the node name, but that didn't work.
All other nodes are fine. I only get the error on that one.
If I change the RAW data file AND my node name to Description2 I don't get this error.
Has anyone seen this error before? It's not practical to change the raw data file before importing it into NAV.
Thanks a lot for your help,


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    idealsceneprodidealsceneprod Member Posts: 16
    Wow! I'm really stumped... it's working now. All I did was change the node name to description2 and ran some tests, and then I changed it back, and now it works!!! GO FIGURE!!!!!
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