[Solved] NAV 2016, error: Server page is already open

DoomhammerDoomhammer Member Posts: 211
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Hi, I encountered interesting problem. I am currently working on migration from NAV 2009 classic to NAV 2016, I have bunch of forms converted via MS
TIF tool to pages.
One page is standard document - page and subpage with lines. But i see this error:

When I try page preview from Dev Env, page looks OK to me:

standalone subpage is running correctly.
I tried to google this error but no results.

Please, can anybody help and point me to correct direction?
Martin Bokůvka, AxiomProvis


  • DoomhammerDoomhammer Member Posts: 211
    well, found it - there was wrong page type in subform page - should be list and was card.
    Martin Bokůvka, AxiomProvis
  • LCostaLCosta Member Posts: 33
    Hi Doomhammer,

    Thanks for answering your own question, just had that problem too.
    Thank you for the tip!
  • JuhlJuhl Member Posts: 724
    Actually it should be ListPart
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