Anybody get NAV running on SQL 2016?

Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Posts: 187Member
Can't set all the permissions in the documentation, master dbo.$ndo$srvproperty is not there, and the service tier won't connect.
Dave Cintron
Dynamics West


  • ftorneroftornero Posts: 207Member
    The master dbo.$ndo$srvproperty is created when you charge the license with the Development Environment.
  • pdjpdj Posts: 637Member
    Did you encounter any issues with NAV on SQL 2016? (I know it isn't officially supported yet, but would just like to know if anyone actually had any issues)

    I'm going to try getting NAV2016 CU8 to work on SQL2016, but if anyone already given up or had major issues I would like to know before I try :smile:
  • pdjpdj Posts: 637Member
    FYI: Seems to run Ok.
  • afarrafarr Posts: 283Member
    I have installed NAV 2009 SP1 W1 (the original build 29626, with RTC) on SQL 2016 on Windows 2016.
    I used SSMS 2016 and tegos GmbH Service Tier Admin Tool as GUIs.

    This seems to work, although the only test I did was to open a company in the Classic Client, and also in RTC, and create a Sales Order and post it.

    I had also managed to copy a NAV 5 database from SQL 2012 to SQL 2016 (backup and restore did not work) and open it in NAV.

    Of course, if you want to use this for a production system, you should get the users to test the functionality that they use (especially if it involves customized code) before moving the live database.
    Alastair Farrugia
  • markborgesmarkborges Posts: 136Member
    I'm testing NAV 2017 Demo, running over SQL Express 2016, and it seems to be perfoming fine.

    Marcelo Borges
    New York, NY, U.S.A.
    Dynamics NAV Consultant
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,677Member
    I've had issues running NAV on SQL 2016, with NAV 2009 and also 2016 and 2017.

    I was getting an error "Get new DBTS for database ..... with physical db name ..... fails with too many retries"

    From what I've managed to find out during testing it happens intermittently during updates when server is heavily loaded doing other stuff.

    In my case it was happening while I was running an upgrade toolkit and in another session there was a restore of compressed backup running. Also it has happened a few times when I a run a bit of bespoke T-SQL searching for specific text in all tables (loads of SELECTs with numerous LIKE conditions, where results have been written into a temp table).

    I don't think that the error is specific for NAV - it looks more like some SQL 2016 specific problem, linked to updating timestamp columns with new values during INSERT/UPDATE.


    Slawek Guzek
    Dynamics NAV, MS SQL Server, Wherescape RED;
    PRINCE2 Practitioner - License GR657010572SG
    GDPR Certified Data Protection Officer - PECB License DPCDPO1025070-2018-03
  • Slawek, did you figure out the error you are getting ?
    I am getting it on the data upgrade to nav 2018.
  • Slawek_GuzekSlawek_Guzek Posts: 1,677Member
    edited 2018-06-13
    @[email protected] nope. I just managed the SQL server load to avoid the problem, but couldn't find any remedy or patch, or any further information.

    As far as I remember it was occurring when two or more sessions have been running heavy queries, each taking a long time to run. Like NAV doing 2009 -> 2013 database conversion in one session, or running some MODIFYALL on a large table, and compressed backup restore restoring in another session, or mentioned searching for some text in a bespoke stored procedure.

    The good thing is that it never happened again since upgrade (May 2017). We have 4 parallel NSTs so potentially similar conditions can be generated, but it never happened since.
    Slawek Guzek
    Dynamics NAV, MS SQL Server, Wherescape RED;
    PRINCE2 Practitioner - License GR657010572SG
    GDPR Certified Data Protection Officer - PECB License DPCDPO1025070-2018-03
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