Bin Ranking, Zone and Class - WMS Only?

It seems that there's an awful lot of confused terminology within Microsoft's explainer docs for NAV warehousing. (

In the link above, 'Bin Type' and 'Bin Setup' are detailed as being only relevant in WMS warehouse setups. 'Bin Ranking', 'Zone' and 'Class' are all detailed as being relevant in 'advanced warehousing'. However, it appears to me that all 5 of these configurations are indeeed relevant only in WMS installations.

Could anybody confirm that this is the case? Or do 'Bin Ranking', 'Zone' and 'Class' also work in advanced warehousing installations?


  • SimpsoidSimpsoid Member Posts: 3
    We have our main Location requiring Warehouse Shipments, Warehouse Receipts, Picks and Put-aways but have not turned on Directed Put-away and Pick. We therefore do not have the full WMS power with Zones and Bin Types. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find Bin Ranking is taken into consideration on Picks as we were led to believe it would be ignored.
    The 'Default' Item/Bin combination is considered on Put-aways created automatically from Warehouse Receipts however we usually/often override its suggestion due to the way we operate our warehouse(s).
  • whizzergowhizzergo Member Posts: 22
    Can I ask how you discovered this? Without WMS the only option I can see for 'Default Bin Selection' is default or last bin used. In 'last bin used' it seems to do just that.

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