NAV performance monitoring

txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492

Does any1 know if there is a way to monitor performance of a posting process?
The client complains about very low performance, so if there is a way of monitorizing the whole process( involved tables, locks...) it would be nice.


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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174

    Take a look at the application profiler.
    No specific lock information but good display of duration.

    Good luck.
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    dwarak17dwarak17 Member Posts: 1
    Performance counters” provide information about how well Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is operating. By using monitoring tools such as Windows Performance Monitor and System Center Operations Manager, you can use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV performance counters to collect data on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances, and then use the data to identify conditions that are affecting performance and make adjustments. Java training in chennai Android training in chennai | Oracle dba Training in Chennai | Python Training in chennai

    Microsoft Dynamics NAV also provides a Data Collector Set template that you can use to easily create Data Collector Sets that contain all the Microsoft Dynamics NAV performance counters.
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    txerifftxeriff Member Posts: 492
    seems like the client is happy after setting the cache size from 50 to 500 (value that used to be before NAV2009, its clients version)

    thanks anyway.
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