Incredibly confused about rows and columns

Dave_CintronDave_Cintron Member Posts: 189
I want to add a repeating column header.

But before we jump into that, let's define ROWS vs. COLUMNS. This may be backwards, or it may not, but I would define a ROW HEADER as a ROW that repeats across the top of the group, and a COLUMN HEADER as a COLUMN that repeats on the left side of the page. EVERYWHERE I look for how to repeat a COLUMN header refers back to ROW headers. And if I look for ROW headers, it ALSO refers to ROW headers.

Specifically, Report 25 in NAV 2015 when run for several periods creates a second page without any COLUMN headers. I want the LEFTMOST COLUMN to REPEAT on the additional page. When I create a COLUMN group it will NOT allow you to use the Advanced mode to select Repeat on New Page. Checking the Repeat Header Rows and Repeat Header Columns box in the Tablix Properties does nothing.

So, am I missing something or is this impossible to do?
Dave Cintron
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    Peter+is1Peter+is1 Member Posts: 174
    Hi Dave,

    I can not find a solution for this, other then to repeat the column at the right of the tablix.

    (I would define a Row that repeats across the top of the group as a Header Row)
    The truth exists in seven versions.
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