Weird behavior in Sales Orders

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Hi experts,

First of all I hope I created this thread in the correct session. If not feel free to move it to wherever it belongs.

One of our clients started to have performance issues when selecting a particular Item in a Sales Line ... Let's name this item XYZ.
As soon as they validate the Quantity the whole Sales Order page is not responding for 5-15 seconds, and after the initial freeze the whole order pages responds really slowly. XYZ is used in nearly every Sales Order (40k SalesOrders a Year)

SideNote: we dont delete Sales Orders when they're done - just mark them as done.

Ok. Now, heres the weird part:
The Item XYZ is slow for every User EXCEPT for users with the SUPER Role. With Super it works like a charm.
I checked the item Card and all the other linked Tables for the item XYZ - there was nothing special about it.

Next i started SQL-Tracing a Non-Super User and found this:

Looks like we are sending a request for every SalesOrder in which the item is used! (A13/.... are SO-Numbers).

For me this looks like the FlowField "Qty. on Sales Order" is somehow broken. I compared Objects and VSIFT views with a standard Version of 2013R2 but wasn't able to find any difference.

I already looked trough Cumulative Updates to find something about this issue, but couldn't find something.

Please excuse my english!
I would greatly appreciate any help, if i can provide you with more information, let me know what you need to know!
Austrian NAV/BC Dev

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    You said the SUPER users are much faster than other users.
    This suggest that SUPER users can use the VSIFT view (have permissions) and the other users can't and they have to loop the sales order table.

    Run the sql profiller with both users to confirm this and try to synchronize users.

    Regards and good luck.

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