Cannot Open Dynamics NAV with a replicated Database!

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Hi! Experts

I was able to replicate an NAV test Database to another server instances. I used Transaction Replication. This was successful, whenever a transaction was completed in the original database, the results could be seen in the replicated SQL Database (e.g. posting sales orders). However, when I connected the replicated Database to an NAV instance and started running NAV, the program returned a fatal Error.

Later, I took backup of the replicated database and restored it to a new database. The same issue came up. I even cleared up the Access Control table, User, and the session list.

Your support is appreciated.



  • parmparm Member Posts: 49
    Please confirm that the replicated database has at least the minimum configuration to be used.

    I would try this.
    Backup database A
    Restore database B from A backup.
    Configure NAV Service to B.
    Open NAV client on B.
    Configure replication.
    Restart service.
    Open NAV client on B.
    Execute transaction on Client A
    Open NAV client on B. and if the is any error, use sql profiller to see the last command executed before error to figure out the problem.


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    Replication will only replicate a database - implying that databases' security gets copied, but not the server level security. Said another way, it is possible to get SQL database users and their role memberships (like db_owner) copied, but the server-level SQL logins and those roles (like sysadmin) do not get copied. You may just have a simple security problem. Take a look at the SQL logs, and then also at the windows event logs on both the SQL server and the NST server that's pointed at the replicated database.
    Kyle Hardin - ArcherPoint
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    I had another thought. Can you open the replicated database with the Dev client, which gets the NST out of the way? What version of NAV?
    Kyle Hardin - ArcherPoint
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    Thank you, Guys!!
    I am using NAV 2015 and I can open the NAV development environment of the replicated database.

    When I checked the event log for this error it gave the following error "FTPL-SNAPSHOT.dbo.FLINTEC$Prod_ Order Routing Line$VSIFT$0' is invalid"

    This seems to be a problem in SIFT tables (indexes I guess!!) that have been replicated.
  • kylehardinkylehardin Member Posts: 257
    Interesting - sounds like you have some replication problems to chase. If you completely rebuild indexes and statistics on the source database, that should replicate to the duplicate.
    Kyle Hardin - ArcherPoint
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