Line discount for all Items

HLLHLL Member Posts: 10
Is it possible to give a customer for example 10% line discount on all items ?

It will not Work giving the customer 10 % invoice discount - when using ressources or posting on a general ledger account, there must not be given discount.


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    jgallegoajgallegoa Member Posts: 20
    Hi HLL, yes, you can filter:

    if customer.no= rec.no then
    Amount := Amount*10/100;
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    M.QuinlyM.Quinly Member Posts: 10
    HLL- What version of NAV are you using? Are you looking for a programming solution or just how to do this within using NAV as a client?
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    Wisa123Wisa123 Member Posts: 308
    edited 2016-05-20
    You could use Item Discount Groups to do this. However this means you have to set the group on each item and create another record in T7004 - Sales Line Discount for each customer.

    As you said, invoice discount won't work, got to find a way (ab)using Line discounts.
    Austrian NAV/BC Dev
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