Time sheet vs Create Job journal lines

In one hand, using time sheets for real usage. Other hand is when we are at job planing lines page, using "Create Job Journal Lines" button for the real usage. What is the difference? which one is more useable? I want to see just what i schedule and what is my real usage.

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    Alex_ChowAlex_Chow Member Posts: 5,063
    Both will give you your real usage. The Time Sheet and Job Journal just gives you different places to enter your usage.
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    yekaradenizyekaradeniz Member Posts: 4
    Hi Alex, first of all thanks for your answer.

    When i approve time sheet, i cant create real usage. There is a must here. The must is posting timesheets from journal.. i mean, in both cases, i can create real usage only from job journal.

    So why should i prefer using timesheets instead of job journals, if i can not create real usage directly from timesheets?
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    sendit2jasonsendit2jason Member Posts: 23
    We generally use the Job Ledger Entries which come the Job Journal post. The Job Journal can be created from Time Sheet Lines as pointed out, but Time Sheets can also include HR Absences. Also, if you need to 'tweak' usage, then you would go straight to the Job Journal to do so.
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