Customized Reports NAV 2016 (new cumulate) speed

GonzaloGonzalo Member Posts: 19
Hi there,
Have you noticed that with the newest cumulative updates the customized reports are much slower?? The performance with previous cumulate updates (for instance 9.00.42815) is pretty fast. I don't know, but maybe is a bug that I've done in my reports and now affects to the reports speed.

Do you know if Microsoft has changed something?? Any clue??


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    binilabrahambinilabraham Member Posts: 45
    Gonzalo, try to import your Report in previous cumulative updates and verify the performance is better than the newer updates. Also try with reducing the dataset size of your report in order to make the report run better in newer cumulative update. It's just a try..
    Mostly MS will not make any changes on newer updates, always they comes up with improvements.
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