Nav 2015 - Reports causing blocking of new sessions

KevinsanityKevinsanity Member Posts: 8
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Hi all,

Im having an issue with Nav 2015 whereby if one user runs a report that may take some time, they will block any other user from opening up a new nav client session.

For example,

Person A starts running a report
Person B tries to open a new Nav session, but all they will see is the blue "Microsoft Dynamics NAV" logo and nothing else will happen

When Person A's report has finished running, then Person B's session will open automatically

This problem only exists with reports, codeunits etc have no blocking problem

Has anyone else encountered this problem? And if so is there a solution?



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    binilabrahambinilabraham Member Posts: 45
    kevin, Is it a Custom Report or standard Report ? and which cumulative update you are using ?
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