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James1707James1707 Member Posts: 13
Hi Team,

I have a question related to Dynamics NAV License owned by our customer.
They have three locations:
1. UK (Company A)
2. Sweden (Company B)
Owner of the license is owner of Company A, B and C (Affiliate).
They use Dynamics NAV (UK), but want to deploy in Sweden and China. We want to deploy it on Azure. The problem is that UK and Australia has other requirements about law regulations, so we should deploy it on separate database in order to have separated functionality (UK, Sweden).
These two databases will be run on the same Azure infrastructure (1 AzureSQL Server).

The question is:
Is it possible to run these two Companies on the same server, separated database and covered by one license file?



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    Sebastien_KonsbruckSebastien_Konsbruck Member Posts: 30
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    Hi James,

    If I remember well, you should not use the same licence in two databases regardless of the situation.

    Do all companies belong to the same owner/holding?
    If yes, you might have a chance to find a solution with Microsoft... ?

    This is pure speculation but I imagine your case is not the only one of the kind.

    • Company A has 12 users
    • Company B has 8 users
    • Company C has 5 users
    • Your licence file today has 20 CAL users.

    Check whether you can get two licence files ( eventually two MBSA/VOICE accounts? ), each for 10 users and maybe buy 1-2 extra users for each licence. This way, you would only add the minimum of required CAL users to each licence (depending on the activity of your users of course).

    Best regards,

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    James1707James1707 Member Posts: 13
    Hi Sebastian,

    Really thank's for your answer.

    i asked Microsoft about my situation and they said that i should buy a starter pack for each company and next i will able to split NAV license .. but all companies must using the same NAV version and both must be of course perpetual.

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