Good EDIFACT add-ons or service providers?

Miklos_HollenderMiklos_Hollender Member Posts: 1,598
I need to find a way to handle multiple EDIFACT projects without a huge amount of customization, and I am looking at either an add-on or a service provider, a clearing house. I find Seeburger too complicated.

Heard about Lanham and Anveo add-ons - but it is best if the configuration is done by the same company, as understanding EDIFACT specifications of customers is a major difficulty. And it is not really ideal if an American company does the config here in Central Europe.

Any Central Europe bases EDIFACT add-ons? Or clearing houses with a simple interface?

Putting it differently. I really don't want the kind of project where I am billed 3 days just to understand the requirements of my customer i.e. the company who sends me the EDIFACT purchase order. What I would really like is a company who ALREADY knows major European retailers from amazon.de to Euronics and simply offers to connect me to them. So not the kind of project where we waste days on "defining requirements" it is more like "I am just one of the hundreds of vendors Euronics has, just link me up them like you did with the others".


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    parmparm Member Posts: 49
    I can't recommend any add-on or provider but I have a suggestion to make.

    I think you will need some kind of "defining requirements" because you have to know how to "read" the message that each customer sent to you. Let me give these examples:

    Customer A has only one location and you must sent the shipment to one location. There are no information for location in EDI.

    Customer B has 3 locations that you configure in NAV with Ship-To Address. The EDI have some values that you have to map with your Ship-To Address table.

    Customer C has 10 locations and each location represents a different customer (with different vat number) in NAV. Again you will have to map the same EDI field to another structure in NAV.

    Maybe it's not "defining requirements" but mapping the content. The plus that you can achieve is find a provider/company/consultant that know very well that your customers send in EDI and with this only have to map with your NAV. The full scenario is the provider have to learn what customer sends in EDI to map with NAV.

    Good luck for the project.


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