NAV2015 Debugger

Lkf75Lkf75 Member Posts: 2
When starting the debugger (page9504) I get this error message "Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Method 'Page9504.CodeViewera58a58AddInReady(No. of arguments: 0) with corresponding argument types.' not found.

If i connect to another database it works great - So it's not a installation issue


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    Lkf75Lkf75 Member Posts: 2
    SOLVED... Copying data in "Client Add-in" table, from Cronus DB to Customer DB fixed the problem.
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    djkdjkdjkdjk Member Posts: 17
    Dear all,
    I have today the same error message. I checked the Client Add-in table in the customer data base. The entries were absolut identique with the entries from the Cronus DB. But still the error message. The solution was to delete the entries in the customer DB and copy the entries from the Cronus DB to the Customer DB.

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