Integrating Barcode into Nav4.0 Sandard Delivery Note Report

maecrichimaecrichi Member Posts: 4
Hi everybody out there,

as I am no specialist in C/Side I would like to ask any specialist for help here.
My aim is, to integrate a Barcode on the Printout of anydelivery note, which just states the delivery note´s number.
As we are a very small company, my Boss asked me to take for this myself (instead of paying an NSC :-( )
Inside this Forum, I already found a fitting barcode font (EAN128) and istalled it onto the WInXP Serve and our 3 Clients.

But where do I have to change the settings inside C/Side to get the Barcode shown??

I would be very thankfull for any help!


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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 918
    A checksum must be calculated for the text to be displayed, and then you just have to change the FontName of the Textbox to the EAN-Font and increase the FontSize if necessary.

    You can download a report with the checksum function here:
    Kai Kowalewski
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