Get Excel Range.ColumnWidth (DotNet variable)

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Hello, can't get ColumnWidth from Excel. (NAV 2016)

Have this error:
Result (decimal) := XlRange.ColumnWidth;
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
A DotNet variable has not been instantiated. Attempting to call Microsoft.Office.Interop.Excel.Range.ColumnWidth in CodeUnit Excel Management: CopyColumnWidth

Also this code:
XlRange2.ColumnWidth := XlRange.ColumnWidth;

Crushed NAV at all. :dizzy:

How Can I get this ColumnWidth to operate with it as Decimal?

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    KeeperRUKeeperRU Member Posts: 58
    Does the range have 1 or multiple columns? If multiple then XlRange.ColumnWidth only works when all columns in your range have the same widths otherwise it returns NULL.

    See MSDN for details.

    Thank you, I have multiple columns with different size.
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