How to automatically import Sales from another Software

ShpetimShpetim Member Posts: 4
Hello community fellas ... I am currently using a Rapidstart services to import sales from another software but now im trying to make an middle software for this regard... I have analyzied tables and columns but i need expert help if possible.

Can some help me in this regard. I need to know which tables do i need to insert in and in what order?

I have tried to insert data directly to SalesHeader but impossible i am receiving datatype conversion errors all the time even though i have tried any possible form ... I am also receiving the same error when trying to update especially Datetime fields!

I need to do this because i have to import them daily


  • davmac1davmac1 Member Posts: 1,279
    It is a really bad idea to create sales orders using SQL.
    You should use one of the following methods:
    xmlports - can be imported directly in NAV or via web services
    pages via web services - more code and better for low-volume
    sql to staging tables - then a codeunit to process the tables and create the sales orders with full validation - which will create the complementary tables if you do it correctly. I have used this method in a high volume environment - tens of thousands of orders per day coming from other web sites.
    NAV uses the datetime field in SQL for both date and datetime. When it is a date in NAV, the time needs to be zero unless it is a closing date (time is 23:59:59)
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