How to print one check for a payment journal having different G/L Account?


We have just implemented NAV 2015 and we are having an issue concering the check printing. For one payment journal with multiple lines (G/L Account) NAV seperate each one of these lines in one check.

We need Nav to adds up the lines and print the total in one check. Kindly advise how we should proceed.



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    kylehardinkylehardin Member Posts: 257
    It might make more sense to do this in two steps. Do a Purchase Invoice for the Vendor, and put all of your G/L accounts on the lines to handle the expenses. This will create a single A/P Payable when posted - then write your check against that payable. You can even take that one step beyond, and use Suggest Vendor Payments which will let you write a single check for multiple open payables - one check per Vendor.
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