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We are planning to upgrade NAV. Currently we are on NAV 2009 GB classic client (We are only using classic client and not the RTC).
Now are in the need of upgrading to either 2015 or 2016 (decision still has to be made)

We have heavily customised NAV currently although some of the customised stuff are not being used.

We do understand that there is a massive change between 2009 and 2015 versions especially for us as we are only on classic client.

There is a discussion going on our end about having to upgrade NAV or re-implement NAV. As we do not think we want everything to take with us to new NAV so new implementation is also making sense - then we can do the development of functionalities we need in the new version of NAV.

We are thinking about new implementation because at the minute we have a mess of customisations and if we upgrade and take with us all of that then new version will be a mess as well.

What would be the best practice for the above scenario? I presume NAV allows only data upgrade without upgrading all the objects right?



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    If you think that customization you have in your current system are not being used, then you can actually go with an approach of re-implementation.

    Even with Re-implementation there are two approaches -
    1. Where you start with Openings and start NAV 2016.
    2. You can take all data but still you need to get it analysed with your NAV Partner. Details Below.

    There are two types of customization in standard Database -
    1. Which are stand alone and does not interfere with Standard NAV Objects.
    2. Second one which might have touched the standard Fields (only specific to Table Fields).

    So Second case will require a bit of merging. Assume standard NAV Gives you Text 30 for storing Customer / Vendor Name. You might have changed it to text 50 to fulfil your business requirement.

    In that case those fields need to be extended in NAV 2016 or your target version and you can upgrade. Rest Data can be ignored by Partner.

    If you skip this step the Data in such fields will be truncated in New Version..

    Let me know if any questions.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Saurav Dhyani

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    swpoloswpolo Member Posts: 80
    I would like to propose you first make analysis of your database and remove all unused functionality.
    Remove all unused object, then remove all unused fields in tables. Compile database and fix all inconsistency. Then check unnecessary code on other objects.

    After you prepare database you can do an upgrade.
    I can assure you this way is most cost-effective.
    If there is a big mess in database it is better to involve partner with good experience.
    My experience says me that a lot of issues will appear during data/object upgrade.

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