Create New Table and update table with data from another

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I have created a table in SQL , the table will contain selected columns from the Value Entry table in our NAV database. I do visualization in Tableau , however to do visualization with data containing the Item Charges is a bit tricky and difficult to add to the visualization in Tableau. This is the for me creating a new table and then split the item charges with a CASE or IF statement when I alter the stored procedure in SQL. my new column must contain or I must add 2 to 3 new calculated columns including the columns I have selected from the value entry table to be inserted. the calculated columns will be Sales Support, which will consist of (Promo, Rebate, Storage) , Export Cost which contains 'FOBB' charges which is costs. to give you an understanding of the this is , PROMO REBATE and STORAGE including FOBB is all listed in the Item Charge No column in the Value Entry table within NAV , the sales amount(Actual) will have another column added as Gross Revenue. The sales amount(actual) column contains the value of the item charges. hope you understand my explaination and hope you can assist in this regard

How would I get this to work so that the stored procedure can update my new table containing the splits into the related columns ,
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