Can NAV detect that it is running Embedded (in SharePoint) ?

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We are running some pages in NAV - rolecenter activity pages in particular - embedded in a SharePoint site.

In that case the CLIENTTYPE in NAV is 'Web', but I need to know the difference between the normal NAV webclient and the (embedded) client from NAV, because I need to hide a specific field in the normal Web client, that must be visible on the SharePoint Client.

It is not an option to create a copy of the page because Personalisation done on the page needs to be the same on all available clients (Windows/Web/Phone/SharePoint)

Any ideas?

Jan Veenendaal

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    Jan_VeenendaalJan_Veenendaal Member Posts: 206
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    Thanks for the tip. Actually I was already planning to use a filter from SharePoint - so I am checking now if I can reuse the same filter for this. Alas, time is limited :'(
    I will get back to you soon I hope.

    -- BACK ALREADY --
    It works like a charm! The filter is already available in the OnOpenPage trigger, so I do not need to use a group.

    Bummer is that now I would like to use the OnOpenPageEvent event to check the filter - but that event fires AFTER the OnOpenPage trigger executes. And the trigger does a RESET - killing my filter.
    So for now I will just modify the trigger and hope for an 'OnBeforeOnOpenPage' event....
    Jan Veenendaal
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