[solved]dataport from microsoft access db

massimopasqualimassimopasquali Member Posts: 82
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My goal is to impport data from DB access, supplier's data, iinto the table 23, the suppliers, but I need to validate the data with validate trgger. Have you suggest me a good strategy


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    neilgfneilgf Member Posts: 148
    Use some code OnAfterImportRecord by calling validate against relevant fields.
    Hope this helps.
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    massimopasqualimassimopasquali Member Posts: 82
    edited 2016-03-08
    Thanks Neil,

    For me is the first time that I done a dataport; I would use an interface .net to read the data from MB access the could be connected by webservice to NAV.

    My doubt, I don't know if a better exponing an Xmlport or directly the table by webservice.

    Can you suggest me?


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