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I am working with a company who is using Agiles Workflow (pre-2016) and has a very specific scenario they would like to implement.

Is there anyone in this forum who is familiar with Agiles or can direct me to someone who is?


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    muziclovermuziclover Member Posts: 65
    Hey Kyle, thanks for getting back back to me.

    The scenario is as follows: The client would like to set up tiered sales thresholds. For example, if an order is between $10 and $100, a certain person (or group) gets notified for approval. If the order is >$100 but less than $10,000, another person/group gets notified, and so on.

    Is there a way to implement this and if so, how?
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    muziclovermuziclover Member Posts: 65
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    This is great .. thanks! One other question: Where can I get a complete library of Agiles scenario documents like the one you sent me?
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    muziclovermuziclover Member Posts: 65
    Hello again, Kyle. I was able to access the partner site and review more scenario examples. However, I think the situation I have been presented with is a bit more involved. The client request is as follows:

    1. Upon entry of a price greater than 15% off list, approval would be required and routed to resources to review/approve.  
    2. Approval request would be routed to next tier of approval authority if 15%+ to 30% off list.  
    3. Approval for 30%+ off list would be routed to those with ability to approve such.

    So, based upon what I have reviewed. The "trigger" would have to occur when a sales price is entered on a sales line. The conditions would be if the price is <=15% off of list/>15% to <=30% off of list/>30% of of list. Depending on what category the discount falls into, the appropriate approver(s) would be notified. And, the trigger would have to compare against a set List Price.

    To your knowledge, is this doable and if so, how complex?


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    muziclovermuziclover Member Posts: 65
    Hi Kyle, I was hoping to see if you could provide me more guidance. I'm working on the setup and I'm a little bit stumped. Here is how I understand this to work:

    1. Create a Reference Type (In my example, this would be for the Sales Line table)
    2. Create Table Joins (linking Tables 37 and 18)
    3. Create To-Do Template(s) using the Agiles documentation logic:
    a. Who? CSRs
    b. Why? The sales line price is x% or xx% below List.
    c. When? When the Unit Price or Line Disc't% field is overriden
    d. What? This is where I'm stuck

    Here is what I want to setup the system to do:

    1. If the price is x% below List, notify Approver A.
    2. If the price is xx% below List, notify Approver B.
    3. For both scenarios, a pop-up message should occur to notify the user that the change needs to be approved.

    Here are my questions:
    1. Do I need separate To-Do Templates for both the x% and xx% scenarios?
    2. Following your suggestion, I see where I can create a Condition with a Type of "Responsibility" and check the Sales Line amount. How/where do I setup logic to compare that amount to the List Price on the Customer Card, execute a pop-up message and generate an approval request?

    And, what if the user overrides the price by mistake? I need to make sure there is some way to stop the approval from being sent until the user has released the order.

    I hope this makes sense, but please let me know if more clarification is required.
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