Splitting up the sales invoice-Nav 2009

nathan_23nathan_23 Member Posts: 8
Hi All,

I have a sales invoice with 297 lines and when i try to post it I am getting the APP CRASH error. So now I am planning to Split up the invoice like 10 lines or 5 lines each.

So I want to know how to split the Sales invoice and is it the right way to proceed?


  • rsaritzkyrsaritzky Member Posts: 458

    This is a complex issue. What specifically is the error (not sure I've ever seen "APP CRASH" specifically).

    One problem with "splitting up the invoice" is that there are "total" transactions (e.g. net invoice amount posted to Accounts Receivable).

    If this is a "one-time" problem, you could copy the invoice to another invoice (use the "Copy Document" function), then go to the first invoice and delete all but the first 100 lines, then go to the copy and delete the first 100 lines. You could split it again if necessary. This will result in splitting the total receivables amount into parts, but perhaps it can be handled if this is a "one-time" issue.

    Understanding the specific error could help determine if it's purely a size issue or something else. I've posted invoices with 150 or so lines with no problems in the past.

    Also, are you using RTC or the Classic Client?

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