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ChrisGChrisG Member Posts: 2
Our customer needs to have 2 units of measure for steel sheets: sheet and square millimetre. One sheet is 280,000,000 sq. mm.
We can set this up by using SQ MM as the base UOM and SHEET as a secondary UOM with Qty. per Unit of Measure = 280,000,000. However, this means that inventory is displayed in SQ MM, rather than sheets, which the customer requires. We tried to get around this problem by having SHEET as the base UOM, but this means that the Qty. per Unit of Measure for SQ MM needs to be 1/280,000,000, which the field cannot accept because it can store only 5 decimal places.

My questions are :
1. Is there a workaround for this problem that doesn't involve code changes?
2. If there is no such workaround, I suppose we could either (a) modify the code to make the UOM for displaying inventory configurable (like the Sales and Purchase UOM), or (b) adjust [Item Unit of Measure].[Qty. per Unit of Measure] to allow it to store sufficient decimal places. Which would be the better approach?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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    andrewdaviesandrewdavies Member Posts: 1
    can't you have the UOM as sheet and then in then the item description put the measurements of the steel sheet as 280,000,000 sq. mm. this is assuming this given item is always sold in these dimensions
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    BeliasBelias Member Posts: 2,998
    In case you want to change the precision of the field, keep in mind that you can hold up to 20 decimal places (hope to remember correctly) in a decimal field.
    That said, i think we should know some more info/explanations:
    a. Inventory should be calculated in Sheets, correct?
    b. Why do they want sqmm? do they sell/purchase in sqmm instead of sheets?
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    ChrisGChrisG Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Andrew. I should have mentioned that the sheet is a raw material for manufacturing and they intend to post its consumption in sq. mm, hence the need for 2 UOMs.

    I've now tried increasing the decimal places on Qty. per Unit of Measure, and while that seems to do what we want, I'm not very confident that there will be no unwanted side-effects from this change and I wouldn't know how to test for such side-effects. So I think we might have to go with a change that lets the quantity on inventory be displayed in the secondary UOM.
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